Why We Vote - Sarah Wollaston

Sarah Wollaston | @sarahwollaston

We asked former Conservative MP and current candidate for Totness, Sarah Wollaston, why she will be voting on 8 June.

Why vote?

Because voting makes a difference. Writing to or meeting the people standing for election to let them know what matters to you also helps to influence future policies. 


What will you be voting for?

I'm standing for Parliament but I also have a vote. This really matters to me as I know that so many women fought for the right for us to have the vote and to be represented in Parliament. 


Who would be your fantasy MP and why?

I want to see more women who have no traditional background or track record in politics put themselves forward as candidates and to bring as much diversity of experience into Parliament as possible. I don't have a 'fantasy' MP, we need real people & greater representation of women in all roles across local and national government.


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