Why We Vote - Helen Milner

Helen Milner | @helenmilner

We asked Helen Milner, CEO of the Good Things Foundation, about what she will be voting for on June 8th. 

Why vote?


We're all going to be stuck with whoever wins the election on 8th June for another five years - imagine if that's your least favourite Party! Imagine the damage they could do to this country, to the country that you live in - and that your family and friends live in. That damage could last for decades. Imagine that you could do something to change that. You can, you can vote.


What will you be voting for?


I'm going to vote for a Party and policies I believe in. I'm voting so that everyone can be treated with dignity and respect, in a country that's fair and compassionate.


Who would be your fantasy MP and why?


Gold medal winner Jessica Ennis. She feisty and resilient but never aggressive. She competitive and also collaborative - working and supporting other female heptathletes. She's a winner, but she's also really normal and approachable. And she's from my home town of Sheffield!


To register to vote, click here. All you need is 5 minutes and your national insurance number. 


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