Why We Vote - Ellie Groves

Ellie Groves | @EllieRuthGroves

In the third in our series of profiles, Young Fabian National Chair Ellie Groves tells us why she will be voting in this year's General Election and what she will be voting for. 

Ellie Groves

Why vote?

Women died for my right to vote, but more so, as a citizen I feel it’s a duty. If we want to see change, to live in a democracy, and show the world know what we stand for we should vote. Also those that vote get stuff and those who don’t, don’t.


What will you be voting for?


I will be voting for a communal fairer society. No political party is perfect, we aren’t choosing ingredients for our ideal meal, we are choosing a political party which best represents what sort of a country we want to live in. It’s about values - the NHS, reducing poverty and increasing educational standards and our belief on how best to achieve that.


Who would be your fantasy MP and why?

A woman who has not gone to university, is able to represent her constituency and is personable. We need more women in parliament, more people who have not gone to university and who the electorate can believe in. MPs are there to represent constituents – they should look like them too.


To register to vote, click here. All you need is 5 minutes and your national insurance number. 


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