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We asked LSESU General Secretary why she will be voting on 8 June and what she thinks about politics. 

Why vote?

The long and short of it is that it’s your civic duty. You have a responsibility to engage and contribute to the policies that shape not only your own life but your family and community. Many of us (young people) have lost faith in politicians or feel excluded from political debates but the truth is, a lot of meaningful change must come from within the system.


What will you be voting for?

Although I, like everyone else, have many different identities which are affected by a range of policies, I’ve definitely decided to focus on education policies as well as the future of the NHS and housing. Brexit is a big deal but the aforementioned come first (for me).


Who would be your fantasy MP and why?

To be honest, I would like a candidate who shows empathy to working-class experiences, shows compassion to immigrants and who demonstrates pragmatic approach to (rebuilding the) economy for all. Everyone must be considered. Exclusion and disregard must end.


To register to vote, click here. All you need is 5 minutes and your national insurance number. 


This project was made possible by the lovely people at Orca.


This photo was taken by Marianne Paul.