Who Runs the World?

"Who runs the world? Girls. Who runs the world? Girls." With 75million record sales as a solo artist and placing No.1 on the Forbes' Celebrity Power List I'm not inclined to disagree with the queen of R&B, Beyoncé Knowles.

But here in the UK, she's just plain wrong; we're not running the world. Or running the UK. In fact, we're not even getting our voices heard.

Martha Dalton writes for The Huffington Post 

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Making your voice valuable

For a variety of reasons, not much has moved me to write here in the last few months. Much of what I’ve started to think of to say I’ve found written already elsewhere, and often I haven’t been sufficiently committed to one viewpoint over another to want to have a say.

This week, though, I’ve had some really influential conversations (influential on me, not me being influential, obviously).

Fiona Melville mentions us in Platform 10

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The great undecided

‘You should be talking to more women’. That’s not a line anyone would expect a political consultant to be trotting out to a politician in today’s scandal-ridden media climate. But that, absolutely, is the message that our would-be members of parliament, ministers and – ultimately – prime ministers need to be digesting as we count down to the election. Women voters are absolutely UK politics’ centre-ground.

Martha Dalton blog for Progress

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